Yellowstone National Park Quarter Bags and Two-Roll Sets

June 1, 2010 is the date the United States Mint will release the Yellowstone National Park Quarter into circulation, the second quarter in the America the Beautiful Quarters series.

2010 Yellowstone National Park Quarter Bags and Two-Roll Set
2010 Yellowstone National Park Quarter Bags and Two-Roll Set

It will take time to see mass amounts of the Yellowstone quarter in common pocket change, but for those who want them immediately, the U.S. Mint is selling 100-coin bags and two-roll sets directly to the public at a premium. When issued on the 1st at noon ET, the bags and rolls can be purchased online at, or by phone toll free at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

Each bag from the Mint will cost $35.95 and will be filled with 100 circulating-quality quarters from the Philadelphia Mint or the Denver Mint. That’s a mark-up of $10.95 per bag. Each coin will bear either the "P" or "D" mintmark.

Two Mint-sewn bag products will be available.

The first is a 100-coin bag (P), which will contain Philadelphia-only minted Yellowstone National Park quarters. The second is a 100-coin bag (D), with Denver-only struck quarters.

Another Yellowstone National Park quarter product from the Mint is the two-roll set, consisting of one roll with 40 coins from Denver and one roll with 40 from Philadelphia. The set will be $32.95, which is a mark-up of $12.95.

As a side topic of sorts, the above products may be ordered immediately through the Mint’s Online Subscription Program, instead of waiting until June 1. The service works similar to a pre-order arrangement or magazine subscription, where a customer’s credit card information is stored but only charged when the product is produced and about to ship.

Through the subscription service, the Mint also offers a third offering, which is a two 100-coin bag combo with both the P and D quarters for $71.90. That’s a mark-up of $21.90. In other words, it’s the same $10.95 mark-up per bag.

The main reason buyers order quarter bags or rolls from the Mint is to guarantee they will get them, and from both Denver and Philadelphia.

Some coin collectors order "straight from the Mint" bags for a more convenient chance to find error coins. Although the Mint uses an inspection process, sometimes a few die errors and such slip through and they are easier to find in bulk. The value of these error coins may vary, but after several surfaced during the statehood quarter series, error coins have been shoved into the spotlight in the mainstream world.

2010 Yellowstone National Park Quarter
2010 Yellowstone National Park Quarter - Click to Enlarge

The 2010 Yellowstone National Park Quarter features Old Faithful erupting and two bison on the reverse or tails side of the coin. Inscriptions include YELLOWSTONE, WYOMING, 2010 and E PLURIBUS UNUM. United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Don Everhart designed and sculpted the Yellowstone quarter.

The obverse, or heads side, is still the profile of First President George Washington.

The America the Beautiful Quarters™ Program kicked off in earnest with the April release of the 2010 Hot Springs National Park quarter. After the Yellowstone launch, there will be three more quarter-dollars this year. They will be the 2010 Yosemite National Park Quarter, 2010 Grand Canyon National Park Quarter, and 2010 Mount Hood National Forest Quarter. (See 2010 America the Beautiful Quarter.)

The new America the Beautiful Quarter series last until 2021. Similar to the statehood quarter series, the Mint will launch five new quarters per year until every state, DC and U.S. territory is represented. Each quarter will showcase a national park or site.

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