San Antonio Missions America the Beautiful Quarter

The fourth of five 2019 United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters™ Program strikes will be the 2019 San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Quarter. It also marks the forty-ninth coin issued under the program which will include a total of 56 when it is completed in 2021.

The final design for the San Antonio Missions quarter dollar will not be know for some time. Design candidates for the strike should appear in early 2018 when the Mint releases them for review by the appropriate organizations and individuals.

Coins in the America the Beautiful Series honor sites of national interest from around the United States and its territories. The program debuted in 2010 and is scheduled to end in 2021 with five strikes released annually as part of it.

Additional 2019 America the Beautiful Quarter releases for the year include:

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park of Texas

Located in San Antonio, Texas, the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park contains four of the five missions established in the area in the late 1600 and early 1700’s.

These missions were the work of Catholic orders who planned on converting the local Native American population to Christianity through their teachings. They were also considered part of the colonization of the country of Spain who controlled the region during this time.

The Park consists of Mission Concepción, Mission San José, Mission San Juan, Mission Espada as well as Espada Aqueduct. The aqueduct was built in 1731 by Franciscan friars to bring water to the fields around Mission Espada.

The mill at Mission San José was in use by 1794 and is believed to be the oldest in Texas. It still operates today.

A minimum of three to four hours is recommended if visitors want to take in all four of the missions. More time may be required if it is busy or if the aqueduct and Espada Dam are added to the touring schedule.