Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarter

November 4, 2013 marks the release date for the last of the 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters. The 2013 Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarter is the fifth issue of the year, and the twentieth overall since the series kicked off in 2010. Thirty-one more are scheduled.

2013 Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarter
U.S. Mint image of the 2013 Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarter

Honoring the national memorial in South Dakota, the coin on November 4 begins its journey into circulation and will debut in several United States Mint products.

Since local banks cannot order America the Beautiful Quarters by a certain design, finding the Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarter in circulation will be a difficult task for some time. As an option, orders for bags and rolls of the coins may be placed on the 4th through the U.S. Mint website ( These include quarters produced at the U.S. Mint facilities in Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

America the Beautiful Quarters found in circulation will always originate from Denver or Philadelphia, as these facilities are responsible for striking America’s circulating change. In 2012 and again in 2013 and as a special option for collectors, the U.S. Mint in San Francisco also began producing circulating-quality quarters. But these are just for collectors. Fewer of them are minted, and they are not released into circulation. Knowing where a Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarter was produced is as simple as looking on its obverse (heads side) for a denoting ‘P’, ‘D’, or ‘S’ mint mark.

Designs for 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters

Designs for all the 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters were revealed by the U.S. Mint on December 10, 2012. Images of the five 2013-dated quarters were published in line-art form. Actual images of the coins have since been released, as exampled above.

With such a distinctive and well-known subject as Mount Rushmore, it is not hard to guess what the basic design of the quarter honoring it looks like. It was more difficult in this round, however, since Mount Rushmore has appeared before on U.S. coins. This latest design, by Joseph Menna, is inspired by photos of men who are adding the final details to Thomas Jefferson’s face Inscriptions include MOUNT RUSHMORESOUTH DAKOTA, 2013 and E PLURIBUS UNUM.

The four other 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters and their release dates are:

Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota

Located near Keystone, South Dakota, Mount Rushmore is considered one of the most iconic symbols of the United States.

Initial carving on the monument started in 1927 and did not end until 1941, with all but one season completed under the watchful eye of sculptor Gutzon Borglum. Due to Gutzon’s death, the finishing touches were supervised by his son. In total, around 400 workers helped to sculpt the memorial with an estimated cost of $989,992.32 and no deaths.

The memorial consists of 60-foot faces of four of the nation’s best known Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

Since the sculpture is exposed to the elements, many wonder if erosion is a concern. However, estimations are that it will erode 1 inch in 10,000 years.

The mountain itself gets its name from Charles E. Rushmore, a New York City attorney who visited the region in 1885.