Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Quarter

The 2018 Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Quarter will be the second 2018 strike of the United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters™ Program . It also marks the forty-second in a series of 56 quarter dollars to be included in the series which debuted in 2010.

In 2017, design candidates for the Apostle Islands strike should appear from the US Mint. During that year, these candidates will be reviewed by the Citizen’s Coinage Advisory Committee and the Commission of Fine Arts for their input. Then, in early 2018 the final design for the Apostle Islands quarter should be unveiled.

A total of fifty six quarters are scheduled to be included in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program including this Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Quarter. The program debuted in 2010 and sees five strikes released per year as part of it until 2021 when the final strike is issued.

Additional 2018 America the Beautiful Quarter releases for the year include:

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore of Wisconsin

Also located along Lake Superior, but this time in Wisconsin, is the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore which was created in 1970.

Apostle Islands consists of 21 islands and 12 miles of mainland that offer both spectacular views and a glimpse into the history of the area. Aside from the natural beauty and growth of the area, visitors pay special attention to the sandstone sea caves and the 6 lighthouses that are included inside the Lakeshore’s boundaries.

Probably the most visited lighthouse is located on Sand Island. It stands 44 feet tall and was among the first to be lit in the early 1920’s to aid in ship navigation through the turbulent Superior waters.

Visitors to the area might recognize the coloring of the Brownstone (sandstone) from buildings in their hometown. In the late 1800’s, much of this rock was quarried and shipped to major cities like Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis for use in construction of many of those locations landmarks.