2015 Blue Ridge Parkway Quarters in Rolls, Sets and Bags

Single rolls, two-roll sets and bags of the circulating-quality 2015 Blue Ridge Parkway Quarters become available from the United States Mint on June 29, 2015 at 12:00 noon EDT.

Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter Products
Blue Ridge Parkway Quarters in bags and rolls

This latest U.S. quarter release is the third in 2015 from the Mint’s program of America the Beautiful Quarters and the twenty-eight overall. It honors the popular roadway found mostly in North Carolina. As designed by Frank Morris, the quarter shows the grace and curvature of the road hugging the side of a mountain. The North Carolina state flower also appears in the foreground. For more design details, visit our page about the Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter.

Buyers have the option of not only rolls, sets and bags of the new quarter but they can also choose where they were produced. Those options include the United States Mint production facilities in Philadelphia, Denver or San Francisco. Available products and their pricing include:

Two-Roll Sets (40 coins per roll) "P" and "D" $32.95
100-Coin Bags "P," "D" or "S" $34.95
Single Rolls (40 coins) "S" $18.95
Three-Roll Sets "P," "D" and "S" $46.95

Mint marks of "P" indicate that the quarters are made in Philadelphia, with "D" denoting Denver, and "S" for San Francisco. Denver and Philadelphia also strike quarters for general circulation. Blue Ridge Parkway Quarters were actually released for circulation on June 8, but it can take a long time before they make their way into pocket change as financial institutions are unable to order specific quarters by their design. Quarters produced in San Francisco are only available in special collector products such as the Mint’s rolls, sets and bags.

Where to Order

Blue Ridge Parkway Quarters Quarter products may be ordered from the United States Mint’s online store at www.usmint.gov/catalog or by telephone at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). The agency’s America the Beautiful Quarters webpage is located here.

2015 Quarters

America the Beautiful Quarters debuted in 2010 and are now in their 26th-30th issues with the five quarters for 2015. The releases for the year include:

  • 2015 Homestead National Monument of America Quarter – honoring the site in Nebraska
  • 2015 Kisatchie National Forest Quarter – honoring the site in Louisiana
  • 2015 Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter – honoring the site in North Carolina
  • 2015 Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge Quarter – honoring the site in Delaware
  • 2015 Saratoga National Historical Park Quarter – honoring the site in New York

Rolls, sets and bags with quarters featuring the final two designs are scheduled for release in September and November.

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