2013 Mount Rushmore Quarters Available in Rolls, Sets and Bags

The fifth and final 2013-dated America the Beautiful Quarter will be released into circulation and available for purchase from the United States Mint beginning on November 4, 2013.

2013 Mount Rushmore Quarters in Rolls, Sets and Bags
2013 Mount Rushmore Quarters in Rolls and Bags

On that day, Mount Rushmore quarters, which offer a reverse design emblematic of Mount Rushmore National Memorial of South Dakota, will start making their way into local financial institutions and they will be offered by the U.S. Mint in single rolls, two-roll sets, three-roll sets and bags.

Despite options of attaining Mount Rushmore quarters from local banks or finding them in pocket change, many collectors will choose instead to purchase them from U.S. Mint. Several factors influence this decision. For one, it generally takes time for America the Beautiful Quarters to become available locally after their release — new quarters are hard to get. For another, most collectors want quarters from each of the three U.S. Mint facilities that produce them, and for a very long time they are usually only available locally from one facility, the Philadelphia Mint or Denver Mint.

Designs on Mount Rushmore Quarters

Appearing on the reverse (tails side) of Mount Rushmore quarters is a design inspired by photos of men who were adding final details to Thomas Jefferson’s face during the original sculpting of the memorial. In the design, one man is shown hanging from a sling with another stands on a work platform. In the distance, a profile view of George Washington’s face can be seen.

Reverse inscriptions include MOUNT RUSHMORE, SOUTH DAKOTA, 2013, and E PLURIBUS UNUM.  The image is both designed and executed (sculpted) by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Joseph Menna.

2013 Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarter
Reverse or tails side of the 2013 Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarter, the last of the five 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters

All America the Beautiful Quarter and related America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins have the same basic obverse (heads side) design, a portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan.


US Mint Circulating-Quality Products with America the Beautiful Quarters

Primarily, the United States Mint strikes America the Beautiful Quarters for use in commerce to be issued through the Federal Reserve Bank system to financial institutions based on transactional demands for the coin. However, some of the circulation quality strikes are also set aside by the U.S. Mint for use in special collector products such as rolls and bags.

These rolls and bags are filled with Mount Rushmore quarters produced at the U.S. Mint’s facilities in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. The first two locations are responsible for producing the circulating coinage of the nation. San Francisco quarters are produced solely for collectible/collector purposes.

2013 P, D & S Mount Rushmore Quarters Three-Roll Sets

Based on past releases, one of the most popular product options from the Mint will be Mount Rushmore Quarter Three-Roll Sets for $46.95. These sets include three rolls of 40 circulation quality quarters each from Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.

Special U.S. Mint-branded wrapping is found on each roll. Specifically, imprinted is ‘America the Beautiful Quarters® Program’, ‘Mount Rushmore National Memorial’, the abbreviation ‘SD’ for South Dakota, ‘$10’, and ‘P’, ‘D’ or ‘S’ to represent the minting facility.

2013 P&D Mount Rushmore Quarters Two-Roll Sets

Other collectors may prefer Mount Rushmore Quarter Two-Roll Sets as they contain quarters from the two facilities responsible for striking coinage for circulation — Philadelphia and Denver. As with the three-roll set, each roll contains 40 quarters.

In fact, the two rolls are the same rolls as featured in the three-roll sets. As such, wrapping is the same as previously mentioned. Pricing is $32.95

2013-S Mount Rushmore Quarters 40-Coin Rolls

For $18.95, single rolls of Mount Rushmore quarters from the San Francisco Mint may also be purchased. As previously mentioned, these quarters are struck solely for numismatic purposes and are issued only in collector products such as this.

San Francisco struck circulation quality quarters made their debut in 2012.

2013 Mount Rushmore Quarters 100-Coin Bags

100-coin bags of the new quarter-dollars are also available for purchase. These bags include 100 circulation quality quarters with the buyer’s choice of those from Philadelphia, Denver or San Francisco.

The canvas bags are printed with U.S. MINT, QUARTERS and $25.00. A label sewn into the closing stitches of the bag indicates the specific contents.

Where to Order the Rolls, Sets and Bags

These new Mount Rushmore quarter products may be ordered directly from the United States Mint beginning at Noon (Eastern) on November 4, 2013. The Mint’s website contains a page dedicated to America the Beautiful Quarters, which is located here. Orders are also accepted by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

A shipping and handling charge of $4.95 applies to each order.

2013 America the Beautiful Quarters

Mount Rushmore quarters are the last of five 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters for issue by the United States Mint. Previous releases for the year include:

  • 2013 White Mountain National Forest quarters honoring the national forest in New Hampshire.
  • 2013 Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial quarters honoring the national site in Ohio.
  • 2013 Great Basin National Park quarters honoring the park in Nevada.
  • 2013 Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine quarters honoring the site in Maryland.

Together with the Mount Rushmore release, the five coins represent the sixteenth through twentieth of the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program. The series debuted in 2010 and features five new strikes annually each honoring a different site of national interest. It will last until at least 2021.

Mount Rushmore Launch Ceremony, Coin Exchange & Coin Forum

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial quarter will be ceremoniously released on November 6, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. MT. United States Mint and the National Park Service officials will introduce the coin at:

National Guard Armory
527 Montgomery Street
Custer, SD 57730

This event is open and free to the public. Children there will receive one of the new coins for free. Others can exchange cash for $10 rolls of them.

On the evening prior to the ceremony, there is a coin forum hosted by the U.S. Mint. Also free and open to the public, except for the cost of parking, the forum begins at 5:30 p.m. on November 5 and will be held at:

Mount Rushmore National Memorial – Carver’s Cafe
13000 Hwy. 244
Keystone, SD 57751

2013 Mount Rushmore Five Ounce Silver Coins

Also available in November will be Mount Rushmore National Memorial Five Ounce Silver Bullion Coins, issued as part of the America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Bullion Coin™ series, and Mount Rushmore National Memorial Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins, issued as part of the America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ series. Coins from both programs are struck from five ounces of .999 fine silver to a diameter of three inches and feature the same basic designs as found on related America the Beautiful Quarters.

The bullion coins are produced for investors and sold through the Mint’s network of authorized purchasers for a small premium above the associated melt value. The uncirculated coins are struck for collectors and sold directly to the public by the U.S. Mint. According to the Mint’s website, the Mount Rushmore Silver Uncirculated Coin will be released on November 7, 2013.

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