2010 Yellowstone National Park Quarter Bags and Two-Roll Sets Sales Debut

The Yellowstone National Park Quarter was released into circulation last week beginning on Tuesday, June 1, 2010, via the Federal Reserve System. On that same date, the United States Mint started offering bags and two-roll sets of the new strikes direct to the public.

2010 Yellowstone National Park Quarter Bags and Two-Roll Set
2010 Yellowstone National Park Quarter Bags and Two-Roll Set

Initial sales figures for those bags and rolls are now available from the U.S. Mint that track orders from their initial release day of Tuesday through to the following Sunday.

In those few days, a sizable number of Yellowstone strike bags and rolls were purchased, but a bit surprisingly… not as many as the previous America the Beautiful Quarters™ release – the Hot Springs National Park Quarter.

According to the Mint, opening numbers for the Yellowstone Quarter show 2,745,740 strikes sold. Obviously, the coins were not offered individually, but were broken out in the following manner:

Yellowstone National Park Quarter100-coin bag (P) 4,447
Yellowstone National Park Quarter 100-coin bag (D) 4,392
Yellowstone National Park Quarter Two-Roll Set (80 coin) (P&D) 23,273

Looking at the product breakouts closer, fifty-five more 100-coin bags of the Philadelphia quarter-dollars were sold than of those bags featuring strikes from the US Mint’s facility in Denver. As shown by those same numbers, buyers were much more interested in the two-roll sets which features one roll of forty coins from Denver and one roll from Philadelphia.

Collectors are seemingly more interested in the two-roll sets for their collection than obtaining bags of the strikes. Of course, some purchase the bags to sift through the contents, find the best quality examples and send them off to be graded.

For comparison, the initial sales for the Hot Springs National Park Quarter stood at 5,268 of the 100-coin bags from Philadelphia, 4,915 of the 100-coin bags from Denver and 25,983 of the two-roll sets. This equates to 3,096,940 total coins sold, or almost 13% more than the initial days for the Yellowstone Quarter. It should be noted that the comparison is not actually quite fair, however, as the Mint released the Hot Springs Quarter on a Monday adding one day of sales over what the Yellowstone Quarter numbers show.

Both the Hot Springs and the Yellowstone quarters are still available from the Mint. The product listing will be added to on July 26 when the Mint releases the next America the Beautiful strike, the Yosemite National Park Quarter.

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